Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Furntiure

 After three years of painting furniture for a living, it gets a little harder for me to be really excited about a piece. Don't get me wrong, I love each project I do, but they are often similar to something I've done in the past. So when I come up with something new, or take on a little different challenge, it's extra fun.

So what project am I referring to?
This chair.



 This is the first chair that I've re-upholstered with a back. Until now I've only done seats. Good thing it worked out for me, because I had two of these. I would have made them match, but I was using fabric I had on hand, so the second one will have gray ikat fabric with a dark turquiose frame.

 chair and hand painted lamps are sold. 

Gray, 3 drawer dresser and little table are available.

And in other, out-of-my-comfort-zone news, I painted a hutch red for one of the owners of A Classy Flea. What's the big deal about that? I have never painted one of my own pieces red. I'm just not a big fan of it.

But I love it. I've had a change of heart about the color.

Some other recent projects:

Turquoise Dresser (sold)

Turquoise Side Table (sold)

And some fun gray chairs with chevron, burlap seats.
Set of 4 available.

LEFT =BEFORE                        RIGHT=AFTER

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Thrifty Country Wedding

Recently, my daughter and I had the pleasure of being in the wedding party for my friends, Christin and Cole. I also helped with the decor and set up.
 The Wedding was quickly planned (no the bride isn't pregnant) and in a back yard, so the attire was casual/country.

I've been in a few weddings before, but this wedding was by far the most "thrifty."

Lets start with my daughter's (the flower girl) dress. I found it at Good Will ($2.92) And Christin removed the sleeves and added the green lace, purple ribbon and one of her hand made flowers.

Side by Side BEFORE and AFTER
 The "before" on the left is actually the back of the dress. The front had a horrible, 1980's collar and buttons. The collar was removed and the buttons became the back of the dress. 

Her boots are a Good Will find as well. I got them before the couple was engaged with the intention of them fitting her in the Fall and Winter. (They were in great shape and for $2.96 I was willing to put them away for two seasons.)
She ended up using them for the wedding because the only cowgirl boots I had for her are pink and (unlike my daughter and I) the bride isn't a fan of pink.
So the riding boots did the trick, even being a little too big.

The flower girl twig basket was something I had on hand.

We used Christin's hand made, burlap flower in her hair (saving big $$ on not using real flowers)

Now for the bridesmaid Dresses.
You'll never guess where I got mine. 
Ok, maybe you did.. Good Will.

For $5.95 I purchased my green and lace dress, that perfectly coordinated with my daughter. There were a few things that made this possible.

1. There are Good Will's every where by me. There are literally five that I frequent regularly because they are so close. In fact, one is walking distance from my work, so I can pop in and out.
2. I'm always hunting for furniture and other vintage finds for work, so I actually have to go in there ALL the time
3. The bride left a lot of option with dresses. She gave us the color choices (a range of muted tones, from purple to gray to yellow) and it just had to be "sun dress" style. 
If I were looking for one specific shade of one color, it would have been much harder to pull off  finding a $6 dress.

And yes, luck definitely played into this a little as well.

See that gorgeous bride's dress? It's vintage and cost her $150. After Alterations (which, if you're a bride it's worth having a professional make it fit like a glove) her total was cost was around $350.

Even my necklace was ridiculously cheap. The floral pendant was purchased from a junky thrift store, at least a year ago, for $1.

I don't have a close-up where you can see it any better than in this pic, sorry.

The rest of the decor was very simple. We used as many resources that were already there as possible.

Burlap-covered hay bails became seating for the ceremony.

There weren't officical centerpieces. This table had one of Christin's hand made burlap runners over a yellow and white damask table cloth. My brother made the candle holders months ago from reclaimed wood and the picture frames I painted.

There were lots of up-cycled glasses, embellished with burlap and lace with tea lights inside. For this table I layered burlap with a vintage lace curtain.

I hand painted signs from old pallet wood and used only vintage accessories that I had on hand.

Overall it was a very successful day, with perfect weather. Nothing like watching two great people start their lives together as a married couple.


To purchase burlap Runners, fabric flowers and more visit www.struttinyourbuttons.etsy.com
Christin welcomes custom orders as well!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break

My daughter is spending the weekend with her dad (and his fam) at the beach. It's bitter-sweet.
 I miss my mini-me, but I know she is having lots of fun and I've been staying super busy painting.

First, I painted this tall chest turquoise


Inside the doors are two more drawers and a little organization area.

Then I worked on some pieces for the owners of A Classy Flea.

The first night I painted this robins egg blue hutch:

Then the next day I painted some smaller pieces

Round, ornate side table in black

Antiqued side table

And finished the night with another Hutch

I still have a lot more to do.. I'm so thankful for the work! 


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Faux Bamboo

Why or why do I not take "before" pictures?

This piece was yellow and orange when I got it and is now a fantastic shade of blue.

If I had more time before it had to go to the shop I would have staged it as a bar, with some glasses on the shelf and bottles on the top on a tray, with maybe a couple other accessories..
Which is ironic since tonight's the season premiere of Mad Men and that show will make you want a bar.. in your office.

I've been seeing a lot of faux bamboo lately, and I like it.

via the decorista

via Centsational Girl

via pinterest. original source unknown