Sunday, September 29, 2013

Living Room Updates

I've been needing some throw pillows for my couch for a long time now, and finally settled on some. The pink I already had, but a spontaneous stop into Kirkland's led me to the other two.

I really love the emerald green, I don't think the picture does it justice.

I also took out some warm, faux fur throws I've had, to give a more cozy, Fall feeling.

The pillows and throws are dog approved.

Another change I made was adding this vintage book shelf that I previously had for sale in my shop. It works a lot better in my space than the other piece I had there, so I swapped them out and sold the other one.

I'm not sure if I will leave it blue, but it works right now.

My Aunt gave me the vintage brass pine cone candle holder. I think it's so cute and can stay out for months.

Another shot of (one of) my dogs enjoying the ever-so-popular IKEA faux sheepskin

Anndddd here is a sneak peak of one of the two "x benches" I told you about last time.

The second one will be done this week, so I'll have final pictures to share. I also made a few updates to my Kitchen that I'll share :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

X Bench

I found two, amazing matching benches while out thrifting the other day and couldn't help but share it on the ReFound Vintage Facebook page immediately, I was so excited. After several people asked about custom colors and buying my new find "as is" I felt the only fair solution was to stick with my original vision and hope some one still loves them when they're complete.

So I've come up with some inspiration pictures to get me started on this next project.

mona ross interiors

style me pretty
source unknown
cup half full

The peak of Tres Chic
house beautiful

mona ross interiors

and here is what I'm working with


Check back soon for the "After"

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Inspirations & Closet De-Cluttering

Now that fall is officially upon us, it is time to kick it into high gear! And by high gear I mean dig through your closet like a maniac and scratch your head in complete confusion...wondering "what in the world did I even wear last year!?" Yes, many of us face this dilemma season after season. You have mounds of clothes and "nothing to wear." If you find yourself in this category, as I often find myself, I have your solution! Unless your clothes are ragged and tattered, beaten and bruised, you are sure to be able to revive your closet options with a simple de-cluttering of the closet and the mind. I have compiled a list of steps which I often refer to each season change. I know what you're thinking...this girl pulls out a list as she meticulously tends to her cluttered closet? I don't have time for that!
Well, contrary to popular belief, or just your belief...neither do I! It just takes a few moments to devise a simple, efficient plan (in your head) and get to it!

Step 1: Commit to the task at hand and don't look back. Make two piles: fall/winter and spring/summer.

Step 2: Focus on the current season first. In this case, the fall/winter pile.
Step 3: Divide the fall/winter pile into styles or colors, depending on how you operate. I like to divide by style, i.e. long sleeve t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts,etc., then I organize by color.
Step 4: Color Color Color! I find organizing clothing by color rather than style makes it easier to find exactly what you want to wear! Some days you are in a gray mood, other days you are in a yellow mood.

Step 5: Hang, fold and store.
Step 6: Repeat for spring/summer if you have a giant closet, or simply store summer items in totes for the season.
Now that we have organized our closets (or you are going to after reading this of course), we can now use our creative minds and let our personality shine through...via clothing! These days, it is more important to dress how you feel comfortable and fashionable, rather than what other people are wearing or what the fashion world deems "in style." If you enjoy wearing velvet pants with neoprene shirts, suit yourself.
Below is my apple-picking outfit inspiration. It is cute, comfy, simple and fashionable!

Apple Inspired

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Today is a Special Day


 I wish I was in NY to celebrate with you. Hope you have an amazing day and the best year yet.. you deserve it!

A Vanity Without a Mirror

Hello Friends!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend. We've had a taste of Fall here, which has been great for working outside. 

The piece I wanted to share today is this jewelry vanity I picked up at a local thrift store.


And AFTER some paint, distressing and one new knob

I used the same blue as my easel to rack project.


So much storage!

I considered re placing the liner but ultimately just cleaned it and painted over the liner in the drawer. 
I just think the bold pop of color is really fun.

It had a mirror attached to the back that didn't make it through the hard life it previously experienced. 
It would look better with a non attached mirror hanging above it anyway, so that works out :)

In fact, here are 5 mirrors under $100 that would work above it:

1. Threshold Clover Mirror from Target ($19.99)

 2.  Crisanto Hexagon Mirror from Pier1 ($79.99)

 3. Roberto Mirror from Home Decorators ($49.00)

 4. Threshold Starburst Mirror from Target ($39.99)

5. Or you could go with something more casual and fun like this Woodstripe Beauty Mirror from ($68.99)

Which one would use choose for above the new, light blue vanity?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

From Crap to Cute

I must say, I'm proud of myself for taking so many "before" pictures of all my recent projects. 
It does make it easier though, when I get a group of items at once.

Look at all that broken junk. Does it make you excited just thinking about the possibilities of it all? No?
 How about if it were all FREE broken junk? 
Still not so much, huh?

Well, what if this emerged from the pile...

Now you see a little of what was happening in my head when I was given all that junk.

For one, broken easel = fun coat/accesories rack

I used hooks I had on hand. The colored ones are from world market.

I can see scarves or necklaces hanging from here.

I painted the whole thing light blue and distressed it.

Side by Side..

So before tossing whatever broken junk is in your garage (or already next to someone's garbage can) try to think of another use for it!

Re-Purpose. Recycle. Re-Use.

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