Tuesday, December 11, 2012

An IKEA Tray Updated

I've been frugal with my home decor for so long that I forget that having cute things inexpensively isn't obvious to everyone.
 By the way, I don't think it's about just having "things" but it's about your home representing YOU and it giving you a happy feeling whenever you're in it.
I've been getting so many compliments from my bias friends about some of my home decor that I thought it was time to start sharing them with the world! (ha like the world reads my blog)
  There have to be other people out there who can relate to having good taste and for what ever reason (student, self employed, divorced, laid off, underpaid, single parent) practically no budget for proving it, right?  
 if you're nosey and wondering where I fall into that list, I'm a self employed, newly divorced, single parent.
Now for the Project:
Here is the tray in all it's boring-ness

Now let's re-visit a hutch re-do I did last Summer. I told you how I used contact paper to cover the back. (to date this is still one of my favorite furniture re-do's)

Well that's exactly what I'm using for the tray too!

Pink craft Paint (or any other color of choice)
Medium Paint Brush
Contact Paper (I used grey and white chevron patterned purchased from Marshall's for $3.99)
Xxacto knife or Scissors
Tape measure or Ruler

The pink I had on hand was brighter than I wanted so I mixed it with a white-ish silver I also had on hand (only because I had no plain white paint) frugal remember? I didn't want to buy anything ;)
I started by painting the wood boarder. I wasn't too worried about getting paint in the white section because it is getting covered anyway.

Next, I measured the white area and cut the contact paper to size.
I pealed the contact paper as I was laying it down to help avoid bubbles.
(if you do get bubbles, just smooth it out with whatever plastic card you have in your wallet)
That's all there is to it!
Here is my new, super cute tray..

Side by Side..

This little afternoon project cost me $0 because I had it all on hand. But I used about $1 worth of contact paper and .50 worth of paint, can't beat that!
(in the Fall)
(in the winter)
I LOVE it :)
I have another contact paper project I'll share soon too!

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  1. Well done! I love a good IKEA hack. Your blue table is so cute, too!

    1. thank you! I wish I had a "before" of that table.. it had a formica top and under that was old, gross leather and under that was wood!