Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Latest at The Flea

... And that is the extent of my "Before & Afters"
So sorry, once I jump into a project, I do just that.. jump into the project without thinking about taking a picture first

4 drawer desk - painted in sea foam green and white and distressed
(also see that bike statue? I just learned it's called a "penny-farthing." maybe you already knew that, but I didn't.. so if you too didn't know that, there's your "something new you learn everyday")

this one I really will take a better picture of next time.. before it goes to the store and with a real camera.. you're welcome.
(pallet wood headboard made by.. you guessed it.. my brother... finish by me)
view of my booth through my eyes without contacts or glasses.. blurry.
see that credenza/sideboard/console/call-it-whatever-you-want piece of furniture to your right?
If it doesn't sell by the end of the month I'm re-arranging my entire Living Room to put my TV over it.  Not even joking. It has a mid-century feel to it that I adore.
But business first, it's there for the taking.. for now.


Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Wag More Bark Less"

Because I have been sharing pictures of my dogs almost as much as my furniture
 (because let's face it, my life revolves around my daughter, dogs and work)
 I feel it necessary to share some heartbreaking news.
At just 8 months old, my little boxer Alvin past away yesterday morning.

I really miss my sweet boy, but am thankful for what time I did get with him
Now, back on topic.. I am still in the middle of a couple furniture projects but
 because I don't want to leave anyone who reads this feeling sad, I thought I'd share some of my faves from other dealers at the flea
 you can understand my obsession for this piece here

I have never seen an all wood sofa before.. LOVE it. wish I owned it. Have no place for it. Can't really afford it.
 SOLD (not to me)


I generally prefer eclectic over matching sets.. however this chest of drawers and nightstand...

as well as this table and chairs, are gorgeous enough to be an exception.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Before & Afters and Client Work

my sister informed me her shower curtain is made from the same fabric but in green.
This is acceptable. A chair cushion.. not so much.

then again, maybe I shouldn't talk since it's now covered with a burlap coffee sack.
This chair is coming soon to Etsy!
(shipping available via Greyhound Xpress)
ONLY $99 at The Flea
Client Work
(these pieces were painted based on the clients specifications)
Mary's Nightstands and Head Board
Amanda's Chest of Drawers for her Gender Neutral Nursery
I'm SO thankful for every etsy sale, classy flea sale, craft show sale and client project I've ever had!
...and are so are these three who are clearly leaving all the hard work up to me ;)
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Sunday, October 7, 2012




mustard Yellow 
 Bright Yellow

 By far the best folding chair design I've seen

Medium Yellow

And on a completely different note.. here's a fun "before & after" for you of my "foster failure" Alivin

Alvin in July (4mos)

Alvin in October (7mos)

Such a cute little monster, isn't he?

If anyone else is considering getting a dog, especially a boxer (in the Georgia or Alabama area) - please check out this site - Sometimes, the Rescue organization spells the difference between another chance at a good life and euthanasia at a shelter


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Some of the latest vintage and re purposed items of mine at The Flea..

Large lamp with cool metal "cage" base
 would also look great painted - I know a girl who could help you out with that :)

biggest glass jug I've ever seen

 Large burlap coffee sacks
 (No, they're not from my own personal coffee addiction, though it may be the economical choice for me to buy in bulk)
Black side table with Antique Music Page Top

Another cool lamp with a metal base
Say the word and I'll add some color to it!

1960's crate and pillows by Christen

Hand painted Owl Bucket
Vintage, Industrial Style Barn Light
My specialty -Shutter Rack