Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Some of the latest vintage and re purposed items of mine at The Flea..

Large lamp with cool metal "cage" base
 would also look great painted - I know a girl who could help you out with that :)

biggest glass jug I've ever seen

 Large burlap coffee sacks
 (No, they're not from my own personal coffee addiction, though it may be the economical choice for me to buy in bulk)
Black side table with Antique Music Page Top

Another cool lamp with a metal base
Say the word and I'll add some color to it!

1960's crate and pillows by Christen

Hand painted Owl Bucket
Vintage, Industrial Style Barn Light
My specialty -Shutter Rack



  1. Great items! I wish I was closer to shop your booth! I follow by email so I won't miss a post.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to add a lot more items like these to my etsy shop soon.. So glad you to have you follow :)