Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Inspirations & Closet De-Cluttering

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Now that fall is officially upon us, it is time to kick it into high gear! And by high gear I mean dig through your closet like a maniac and scratch your head in complete confusion...wondering "what in the world did I even wear last year!?" Yes, many of us face this dilemma season after season. You have mounds of clothes and "nothing to wear." If you find yourself in this category, as I often find myself, I have your solution! Unless your clothes are ragged and tattered, beaten and bruised, you are sure to be able to revive your closet options with a simple de-cluttering of the closet and the mind. I have compiled a list of steps which I often refer to each season change. I know what you're thinking...this girl pulls out a list as she meticulously tends to her cluttered closet? I don't have time for that!
Well, contrary to popular belief, or just your belief...neither do I! It just takes a few moments to devise a simple, efficient plan (in your head) and get to it!

Step 1: Commit to the task at hand and don't look back. Make two piles: fall/winter and spring/summer.

Step 2: Focus on the current season first. In this case, the fall/winter pile.
Step 3: Divide the fall/winter pile into styles or colors, depending on how you operate. I like to divide by style, i.e. long sleeve t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts,etc., then I organize by color.
Step 4: Color Color Color! I find organizing clothing by color rather than style makes it easier to find exactly what you want to wear! Some days you are in a gray mood, other days you are in a yellow mood.

Step 5: Hang, fold and store.
Step 6: Repeat for spring/summer if you have a giant closet, or simply store summer items in totes for the season.
Now that we have organized our closets (or you are going to after reading this of course), we can now use our creative minds and let our personality shine through...via clothing! These days, it is more important to dress how you feel comfortable and fashionable, rather than what other people are wearing or what the fashion world deems "in style." If you enjoy wearing velvet pants with neoprene shirts, suit yourself.
Below is my apple-picking outfit inspiration. It is cute, comfy, simple and fashionable!

Apple Inspired

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