Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cliff Notes: My Week in Review

I've had so many new projects happening this week that I didn't have time to keep it updated well on here. So here is another one of my "cliff notes" posts

- I brought the one "x" bench that I finished so far into "the flea"
If you are local you can purchase them both and the second one will be finished this week

-This guy didn't let my projects stand in his way

- I have a lot of painted, open-back frames available right now, including a set on etsy (click the picture below for details)

-I brought in more new furniture that I'll (hopefully) go into better detail about later in the week

 - I painted with a giant boxer in my lap 

-I helped merchandise Christmas decor with an amazingly talented friend

This shop has gorgeous Christmas decor! More about that later in the week as well..

-Then took my favorite person pumpkin picking the next day

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