Thursday, May 17, 2012

Organizing with Thrift Store Finds

I thought a good follow up to yesterdays post would be to show you some of the other repurposed "finds" I'm using around my house for storage.

A big perk to being a dealer for an antiques, furniture and home decor store is that it is my job to shop.
This means when I'm out searching thrift stores, Good Will, yard sales and more;
I'm always keeping in mind the items that I could use in my own home.

Here are 3 Repurposed items for organization and storage:

1.  Metal Basket with Handles

This black metal basket works great for holding extra toilet paper. You could also use the handles to hang it on the wall and store towels, magazines and toiletries.

2. An Old Shopping Basket

 This shopping basket made me think of the grocery store which made me think it should go in the Kitchen. So there it sits, on top of my fridge holding all the cook books I don't use  ;)

You could also use it to store coffee accessories, spices, kitchen towels, aprons etc.

3. An Old Wooden Wine Crate

I found this crate fell in love with this crate on a shopping trip in New York. Well, the trip was to visit my family but since I drove and had extra space, I "had" to shop while I was there.
I mean really, two of my favorite things (New York and wine) together on one vintage wood crate?Perfection.
 I wish I could remember the name of the little shop I picked it up at because I found another great crate there too, for a steal. Plus the woman who owned it was really sweet, which always helps.

The crate fits perfectly tucked under one of the side tables in my Living Room.

It is currently holding about 15 wooden kids puzzles but would also be great for blankets, books or magazines.

Do you use vintage items or thrift store finds for organization and storage?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You find the best stuff at good will! I need to make a point to find some garage sales soon, I would love a crate like that!