Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Repurposed Military Trunk

It doesn't seem possible but today was the last day of school for most kids around me. So if you are like me, happy unofficial start to Summer!

Today I wanted to share my favorite Good Will find ever. Yes, ever.
There are actually several Good Will stores near me, including one right next door to "A Classy Flea" where I am a dealer.

It was at this Good Will that I discovered this:

Now as a dealer I really did not need any more trunks, but it caught my eye so I had to check it out. That's when I saw the price tag -

 I immediately took the tag off and went to the front for a shopping cart. For those of you thrifters, you know there is no risking walking away from a find, even just to get a cart. Hence the "take the tag off, it's mine, no one else can buy it" approach :)

I just loved how clear the lettering is and the fact that there are two shipping stickers still legible dated from 1952. Oh, the places this trunk has gone and the things it must have seen in its 60 years!

 I instantly pictured something like this:

Restoration Hardware
Pottery Barn
Southern Living

Once I got my new find home, I cleaned it up a little and added small casters to the bottom. This made it closer to coffee table height and also helps mobility since it will quickly be filled with toys.

Here is how it looks in my living room:


The pillows were made for me by my friend Christin from "Struttin' your Buttons." I picked the fabric and she made them for me :)
The metal basket full of candles is a vintage thrift store find and the rug is from IKEA

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  1. Wow Kim, What a find! Man, I may need to head to Good Will now and see what's lurking. I love using old trunks and chests as coffee-tables. I currently have a steamer trunk as one in my family room. That military trunk has lots of character and personality. The labels are super as is the block-print font. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you! I'm the same way when I see someone with a good find, I want to run right out and find something too! lol

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