Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy to be Back!

Well, a couple days ago my computer totally died, which may have something to do with my picture uploading issues. But I am sooo happy to be back! (thanks to my brothers computer)
 I'd nearly given up on the idea of blogging so there are practically no photos of all the furniture I've recently been working on.
That's why it's the perfect time to share something BIGGER than one furniture make-over... like a whole ROOM of make-overs and thrifted decor.. in the form of my Living Room.
The style of my Living Room has definitely evolved through the years, and the fun thing is I have pictures to prove it!
First is my very first apartment after college, circa 2008

You should know I've moved quite a bit for one reason or another and never "settled" in any of these places.
This next picture is from a basement apartment I lived in, in 2009
Same couch, coffee table and TV console.
 Then I moved into a house with amazing natural light that I miss dearly.
Not much change in the furniture though.

This next one is almost cringe worthy in decor.
Can you believe the life that sectional lived?
And finally, we arrive at my current, first purchased, home (2011)
After 5 houses of nearly identical layouts and the same furniture, I have since changed ALL of it.
That means no more sectional, no black ottoman, no black TV console, no aqua table or random basket in the corner, it's all gone.

If you've read my blog before you've seen bits and pieces of my current living room but I 've never done a full room shot. After I paint this weekend I will.
I wouldn't call it an "after" though because I still don't have the budget to get hard wood floors, so we'll just call it "progress."


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