Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"Iron" Nightstand

Have you ever heard the quote (or country song lyric) "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans"? That's what comes to mind whenever I "plan" on a specific post or series. This, that, or the other happens instead and what I "planned" on doing doesn't happen.
So, forget about the Living Room make-over for now, and when it is complete it will be a nice surprise for us all :)

Today I want to share a recent nightstand pair re-do.

Here is the "BEFORE"

Can we talk about the iron mark on top of the table for a minute? Who puts a hot iron face down on a table? And then leaves it there so long it takes the finish off?? unreal people. It was probably the same kind of person who posts craigslist ads for things like chester drawers or rod  iron.
Don't you just want to answer the ad to correct their spelling and grammar?

Moving on..
I sanded the nightstands and painted them a glossy white then distressed them. The hardware was painted a different, less tacky, shade of gold.


There they on the sidewalk at A Classy Flea
(where they sold hours after I brought them there-thanks to whomever purchased them!)

Here are a couple more pieces that sold before I could post about them;

 ornate vanity and mirror

green distressed desk.
Now, I need to get back to Etsy orders. My Dining Room has looked like this off and on all week.



  1. The night stands came out awesome! Your work is incredible.