Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vintage Door and Vintage.. sweatshirt?

Back in September I mentioned that I had painted some pieces for the interior design team "Project Style" for a design house. Well here is one of the projects I helped with.

The ladies chose the colors and had me paint and distress the door. They then added some hooks to use it as a coat rack.

Fun huh?

Here's a close up of the mustache hooks and aqua color underneath.

And because it's super bowl Sunday, I thought I'd share the "vintage" 49ers shirt I'm rockin' ha!
This is me and my brother opening his sweatshirt on Christmas (1989)

And here it is today!
(sorry for the cellphone - mirror pic)

Hope they WIN!!



  1. Sorry your team did not win. The door looks great. - Brandy

  2. Those mustache hooks are so cute! I’ve been recycling windows lately and I’m looking forward to doing my first old door DIY project! I hope I can make a wonderful project like this.

    -Vernie Herr

  3. The mustache hooks are so cool! It looks really funny! This is a really good and creative way of recycling doors. I would never have thought it was a door before had you not said that it was.

    Gabrielle Jeromy

  4. The coat rack you made is cool. I like the mustache hooks because it looks hilarious! I look forward to more projects you would make next time!

    Terence Watthens