Friday, February 8, 2013


 We all know paint can drastically improve a piece of furniture, but I can't think of any better example than with this style dresser. ((Can someone please tell me what they're called?)) Thomasville is one company that made them, and they feature 6-9 drawers, ornate detail, and one or two doors with drawers inside.
Another feature is they are heavy.

They start out looking like some version of this:
 This "before" picture really isn't showing you how bad these dressers look when not painted.

I've painted them two tone to be used as a TV console

I've painted the dresser and the hardware a different color, perfect for a buffet or sideboard

I've painted them for clients and removed drawers to store cable boxes and electronics and left the original hardware.

And most recently I've painted them all one color, including the hardware.

All of these pieces have sold, and I don't think any of them ended up in a bedroom. I can't wait to get my hands on another. There are so many options for the finish.


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