Monday, January 6, 2014

Queen Bed

Often I buy pieces to paint and by the time they get to my garage I lose inspiration, and there they sit. 
In time, inspiration hits me again (or I get low on inventory) and I unearth the piece from the saw dust, rags and paint cans that have accumulated on it.

That is exactly how painting this bed came about. I bought it in November and numerous pieces came and went while this poor girl waited patiently for her turn to shine. 
sidenote: as I tell this story, Reba's song "Fancy" is playing in my head

Look at fancy now.. hand painted light blue with light grey. Distressed and waxed.

 I picture it in a room full of neutrals, linen and maybe burlap.

Hopefully whoever buys it will send me a pic of it in it's new home. 
Customer pictures make me happy.

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  1. Great job! You brought out Fancy's best features. She's lovely. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey