Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Piece with Multiple Purposes

I always think about the life a piece of furniture lived before I got it. Usually when it's really old, but sometimes when there's something a little odd about it.

Here is how this "sideboard" turned out, but I doubt it's how it was originally intended.

My thoughts on the "before" - I believe it was handmade (I seem to have a knack for finding hand made furniture) but did some one start building this and stop? Clearly there was "supposed" to be a drawer on the top left but there is no indication that one ever existed. And I assume there was going to be a door on the left, but there are no marks indicating hinges had been installed/removed.

It is also raised off the ground so that it could be "worked" at. Bathroom vanity? Kitchen cabinet? Work Shop counter? I don't know for sure but you could still use it for any other those things.

There was no way I was building a new drawer or door, so the only logical solution was to remove the divider to create open shelves.

I added knobs on the doors, and after much debate, left them off the drawers.

 I painted the interior to make the shelves look cohesive and intentional.

I can see it filled with fluffy white towels with a sink installed in the center.

Or maybe the shelves could become storage for stacks of plates and dishes and it becomes a buffet in a Dining Room.

Need something to hang your flat screen above? The open shelves could be perfect for a cable box and dvd player; while hiding the remotes, movies and game controllers in the drawers.

I hope I meet whom ever buys it so they can let me know :)


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  1. This turned out great. The open shelving could also be used as a media centre so that the media boxes are open. Really like the wood top.