Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bench Before & After

Since I haven't completed (or started any new) projects today, I thought I'd share a piece of furniture I did earlier in the year.

I picked up this bench at my favorite, hole-in-the-wall thrift store. Here is the picture I took on my phone, in the store.


The challenge with this bench was the cushions weren't removable.
So, after I painted the wood grey, I removed the trim and put canvas fabric right over the cushions.
I then stapled it on and put a new, jute rope trim over the staples.
I finished the bench by lightly distressing it and putting a protective coat of wax over it.

Here is how it turned out:

I couldn't be happier with the finished product! I haven't come across anymore benches yet, but I'd really like to do another one!

This weekend I hope to finish my stair re-do as well as finish a table that my husband has been recruited to help me with. It was an out-dated tile top, kitchen table. So far I've removed all the tile, and laid out the new material that's being used to replace it.

Check back soon to see the before and after.. if I can pull it off that is ;)

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  1. Kim this looks awesome! I've been looking for a bench forever for my upstairs hallway. I also refinish furniture and live in GA. Small world!

    1. Thank you Lisa! I checked out your blog and LOVE your work! I wonder if we've shopped at the same places before? ;)

  2. This is Melissa @ LOVE this bench! Beautiful color combo with the gray and canvas!

  3. I also had a challenging bench almost EXACTLY like this!!
    Here's the before and after pics if you want to see it:

    If you scroll through April's posts, you'll see several about this project, including pulling the top cushion off - staple by excruciating staple - and another post on creating the seat cushion.

    You bench looks fabulous! Congrats! And it makes me feel a little better to know someone else went through the same challenges!

    Twig and Twine Nest

  4. wow traci! the new cushion looks great! and i like how you removed the back cushion; looks so much better!
    It's funny because one of the other dealers where I work just re-did this bench too... only HE didnt even attempt the cushions and put a new piece of wood for the seat.. are we crazy or is he? ;)

  5. Love thrift store finds and makeovers! Hopping over from House of Grace!

  6. I LOVE made perfect choices in paint and fabric...going back to follow and look around...come on over and follow me too...nice to meet you, Mariaelena