Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stairs with Style

This past weekend my husband and I started the much needed project of cleaning out and organizing our garage.
After we got it cleaned out we started painting the concrete floor..and if you paint the floors..I'll want to paint the garage stairs. And if I paint the garage stairs, I'll want to paint the walls. And if I paint the walls, I'll probably want to re-finish the banister.. get where I'm going here? ;)

Here are the stairs after the garage floor got painted but BEFORE I started on the stair well..

Gross, I know. I can not believe we haven't started this project sooner. We bought our house a year ago and have only made a small dent in the mound of projects we want to tackle.

Here are some inspiration photos I pulled from pinterest:

via pinterest
These stairs remind me of a number dresser I did a while back and I like the muted yellow.

via pinterest

I like the idea of just painting the center of the stairs in this picture.

via pinterest

These stairs are painted a shade of green that I use on a lot on furniture and it's a color that my husband likes a lot.

Check back tomorrow to see what progress I've made :)


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