Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stair & Dining Room Progress

Yesterday I talked about my stair re-do so today I wanted to share where I'm at with it.

I painted the top of the stairs with the same grey paint as we did the concrete floors.

 It's kind of an experiment since the paint is for garage floors and concrete, but I wanted an exact match, and since it is a high traffic area, I am hoping it will be easier to clean.
The green is an acrylic paint that I had on hand. I also re-painted the white trim.

I'm happy with the improvements already and am not even half way done.

Next up:

-Refinish and hang banister

-Paint the gold light fixture

-Paint the gold brackets that hold up the railing

-Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls

-Add some kind of shoe storage

-Add door mat/small rug

...and maybe a couple other surprises ;)

Here's a side by side comparison of the progress I've made so far:

Has anyone else painted their stairs? If so, what kind of paint did you use and how did it hold up over time?


I also worked on our Dining Room today since I've been inspired to add more color after my

I used the same color on the giant window as I did on the old stereo.
 It may be bright for many people's taste, but I've learned to pick colors I like ,not what everyone else might or might not be doing.

I'm the one that has to look at it everyday, after all :)

Like the stairs, I am happy with the progress but have some more changes to make.

For example, I like the rug but I don't love it. I'm not too sure what I'd replace it with though, so no rush on that. Maybe I'll know when I see it.

The big thing I want to change in the Dining Room though is the floor.
 I desperately want hardwood floors, but they're just not in the budget right now ;)

Here is a break down of some the decor; which was all purchased on a tight budget over the last several years.

The table was given to us by a family friend that had purchased a new one. It had an oak finish so I re stained the top and painted the bottom and lightly distressed it. So if you factor in the cost of supplies (even though I had them all on hand) it probably cost $15!

The chairs are from Pier1 and were purchased by my mother in law when my husband and I got our first apartment together about 5 years ago.

The chair pads are from IKEA. I think they were $4.99 each The chandelier was $49.99 from IKEA too.

The Rug is from Target a few years ago, I can't remember the exact price but it was in the $60-$80 range. I also got the curtains there.

The table runner is just burlap I purchased and cut to fit the length of the table. FYI I usually have at least one in my booth at "The Flea" for sale.

The vintage basket on the table is a thrift store find, purchased for a couple bucks.

I got the 16 pane window from another vendor at the classy flea, who let me have it for only $25!

Happy Wednesday!


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