Friday, August 30, 2013

Babes in Bandana Land

Halloween Bandana 

Why do I love bandanas? Why should you love them too? Because strap one of those paisley smothered pieces of square fabric around your head and instantly look like the sweetest, brightest candy apple on display at the county fair! Don't believe me? Read on....

I traveled near and far to discover all the ways these countryfied kerchief's can make even the first runner up on What Not To Wear look as cute as a bulldog in a basket.

Find yourself below and discover how you can benefit from wearing a bandana.

1. RUNNERS: So you just ran 10 miles, or 1 mile (whatever your style is) and your sweaty hair is glued to your forehead and pasted against the back of your neck. Don't sweat it....your bandana is waiting for you at the finish line (next time, grab it at the start line). Simply fold it, wrap it and tie it around your head for a fresh feeling and a stylish look.

2. BEACH BABES: There you are, lounging on the beach, feeling like a million bucks when it occurs to you that you have not taken today's selfie. You grab your phone, pucker up those duck lips and pose for all your duck loving insta fans. You lower your phone for a quick preview and what to your wondering eyes should appear, but a frizzy, fluffy, terrifying hairdo that ruined what could have been the duckface of a lifetime! Take a deep breath, tie on that bandana and your crisis is solved.

3. PUMPKIN PICKERS: What shouts out I love pumpkin picking, apple cider, indian corn, hay rides and corn mazes better than a red bandana in your hair? Venture out this year....leave your plaid flannel button down at home and try out the bandana. I think you'll like it.
Source: Pinterest

4. PILATES & YOGA LOVERS: Is there anything worse than practicing your downward dog or pushing out your 100's than having those random pieces of hair flying across your eyes and getting stuck in your mouth? Throw that bandana in your gym bag or tie it around your yoga mat so you'll never face this dilemma again!

5. ANYONE ELSE: A bandana, also known as a handkerchief, is a fun and unique way to accessorize or change up your daily hair accessory routine. Try it on the weekend, try it before bed, try it in the morning, try it on your lunch break, try when you're mowing the lawn or just try it whenever it feels right.
Great tutorial I found on Fashion Club
A few recommended places to rock and relax with your bandana:
Body Be Well Pilates, Red Hook, NY
Weed Orchards, Marlboro, NY
Walkway Over the Hudson, Poughkeepsie, NY or Highland, NY
Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

On that note, I'd like to end with this awesome photo. No matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, or how you look in that red bandana, we are all wonder women!

Fluster Buster

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