Monday, August 5, 2013

Off Topic - Back to School

Warning: This is not a Furniture or Home Decor Post.

It's back to school time (here at least) so I'm sharing a couple cheap ways to get ready.

 I've grown to love toddler and kids fashion and my daughter has been very blessed to have so many clothes gifted to her through the years.

 Mini Boden Boots, Tights, shorts and sweater. White shirt from Kohl's

Sweater- Garnet Hill Kids, Sweater Dress - target, Tights- mini boden, Shoes- The Children's Place

Dress - Mini Boden, Tights- Old Navy, Boots - Timberland

Well to be quite honest, this year my budget is very small. 
So I used two easy ways to save during "back to school"

#1 - DIY Hair Cut

I cut my daughter's hair and it was not like the memories of my child hood hair cuts from my dad.
It actually looks good.


This is such an easy way to save. I know with older kids and for sure with teenagers you probably can't get away with this, but elementary school in under, just cut it yourself!

 #2 Second Hand Clothes

Another great thing to take advantage of with young kids -you can totally get away with buying second hand clothes. And since you are saving so much (Good Will's children's clothes are $2.92 each) you can say "yes" a lot more to what your child picks out in terms of staying in budget.

I purchased; 3 Dresses, 2 skirts, 1 button down shirt and 1 short sleeve shirt for a TOTAL of  $20.00
Not bad right?

And these aren't Walmart brand clothes that will disintegrate in the wash. The purchase includes a Tommy Hilfiger skirt, Mini Boden Dress, Old Navy Dress and a H&M shirt.

The nice thing about girls clothes is that they tend to have so much that they out grow them before they wear them out. This allows you to find pieces in almost new condition.
 I'm not so sure it would be this easy with boys clothes to be honest, since they are so much more rough on them.

And here's my little fashionista in one of her "new" dresses

Her shoes (that seem to be glowing in this pic) are new, but they were a gift from her grandma. (Gap Kids)

I was getting her ready for her dad to bring her to his Birthday lunch, so I had some fun with her (newly cut) hair.

I followed Katie's bow bun tutorial from "Running on Happiness"

It was so easy that I followed her "top knot" tutorial to do my own hair :)

Yay for easy to follow hair tutorials and inexpensive clothes!

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  1. Makes me wish I had a girl! She looks darling. :) Thanks for sharing at Give Me the Goods!

    Rachel @ Maison de Pax