Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Living Room Changes. Yes, Again.

Simplify, Simplify.
My Living Room was too busy for me, I need calm and relaxing, so I did some editing.

Here is what it looks like right now:

Shutter and Chair are Vintage

What I did:

~Rearranged the Furniture

!~Removed the rug - it was the number one thing driving me a little crazy (It's for sale at A Classy Flea)

~Removed the clutter that was on the mantel

~Took out the old little farm table and large tole lamp (Lamp is For Sale)

This is how it looked last time you saw it:


Once I moved the TV, the proportions of the stand were way off. So I sold it and replaced it with a dresser that I painted.

The top drawers didn't have knobs and I haven't decided what kind I want

The new art work about my TV was a fun DIY that I used my daughter's help for.

I needed something in that space

So I hand painted a bunch of 4x6 frames I had on hand. Then I had my little artist go to town with three different shades of blue. I then cut out pieces of her work to fit into the frames.

So simple and fun!

they are not this bright in person

The color of the frames were inspired by my ikat pillows

And look what pillow is on one of the (4 awesome) Country Living Covers this month

Country Living apparently got theirs for $163 at
FYI - I paid no where near that much for mine.

One more time -


All I need (right) now for my Living Room is a new rug (again) - something neutral this time.
New curtains and a ceiling light.

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