Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Wrap Up and The world's best slippers

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!

 I wanted to share some pics of the wrapping paper I used this year.

Polka dots, leopard print, silver, gold and pink.(all purchased from Marshall's) 
When did I get so girly? Maybe when I had my little girl? 
Trust me, I still get my hands dirty, though.

I used tulle instead of ribbon or a combo of wired ribbon and tulle.

I will for sure be using the Leopard Print again for Birthdays. 

Santa likes to leave at least one gift unwrapped.
 Ironically it's always the most complicated shaped gift that doesn't have a box ;)

**Warning. This next picture is defined as a selfie, and just typing that word slightly embarrass' me. But when I noticed my reflection in the previous picture, I realized I had to take a picture of my sweet slippers, and share the story behind them. 

~Feel free to skip down a picture to get to slightly relevant content now~

The Slippers were originally a gift to my childhood neighbor and life long friend, Lindsay. She received them from a family member about 12yrs ago. We laughed at them and wrapped them up for her younger sister. 
An instant re-gift if you will. 
And from that year on they were re-gifted annually between us and my sister as well. 

Until one year I tried those suckers on. 
Game over
They are so dang warm I no longer cared what they looked like. 
And guess what, I don't even think they're ugly anymore.
 I actually LOVE them. Especially this time of the year on hardwood floors. 
So there you go Lindsay, Arielle and Barb. I am rockin' those slippers proud..still.

Christmas Day with my girl

My daughter and her uncle Justin (my brother) using the new bow and arrow toy he got her. 
All the "Brave" comments about her hair really play out even better when she's running around with this.

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