Saturday, December 21, 2013

Headboard Happiness

Well, I thought my next post would be all Christmas related, but I just finished two headboards that I wanted to share.

My brother builds these from reclaimed wood and I add the finish based on each individual client.
 In this case there were two queen headboards for two college-aged sisters. 

The first I painted with two different colors, distressed and waxed it.

Looking through my blog you can see I am quite obviously no photographer; in fact my new years resolution is going to be 1.) make a resolution for once and 2.) to take a photography course of some kind.

 My love affair is with a paint brush. That being said, the photo above did manage to capture what gives me butterfly's in my stomach about my work. So much texture, tones and shades of paint, ahhh makes me happy!

The second headboard has a dark stain and poly finish. 
I am also painting a dresser and nightstand in gray to go in the same room.

 Again, the picture.
 So good.

I love how these are both uniquely beautiful. 
Opposites but some how the same. And they are for sisters, go figure.

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