Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Little things that make me Happy

Happy Mother's Day!!

My mother's day was very low key, but my daughter did two things to make it perfect.

1. Her dad took her to Target to get me a Mother's Day gift. (if you've read my blog before you may have caught on to the fact that I am a single mom, however her dad and I feel that being friends and showing respect for each other around our daughter is extremely important)..While at Target she told her dad that I needed new leopard print flats, so that's what she got me. This is the most thoughtful thing ever. She remembered that my old ones got so worn out that I threw them away a couple weeks ago!
Seriously, so. thoughtful!

2. We spent the afternoon painting. While I was painting a shelf she painted a bird house. While painting she said " I want to make the bird house look old. I'll just paint some brown on it and rub it off with this paper towel."
What?? My 4yr old wanted to "antique" her birdhouse. She's the best thing ever.


If you "like" ReFound Vintage on Facebook you would know I painted a console/sideboard/cabinet for my Living Room.

Here is the BEFORE:


It's going to be the new home for my TV that has been hanging above my fireplace.

And look, no more carpet!

Here is the same space 2 years ago...


And here is my awesome brother putting in the new floors!
(the room was painted a few months ago)

I also painted a vintage dresser for work

 Love the lines on this one. The two center doors have 3 more drawers inside. It's at the Flea for only $249.