Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Work

 I'm pretty tired tonight and am struggling to put cohesive sentences together, but I really wanted to share this buffet I re-finished over the weekend.

It already had gorgeous hardware, it just needed a little pick-me-up with paint.

I didn't want to lose the character and age of the piece with a solid finish, so I let as much of the original wood finish show through as I could.
I'm so pleased with the results. And luckily so was the customer who bought it the first day it was available at the store.

By the way, I did something else really cool this past weekend.

I finally got NEW floors for my Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen!!! I'm so happy with them!! They're not completely installed yet, so I will share pictures when it's done.

I am also taking this time to weed out any furntiure and decor that I don't love and make over a few of my own pieces. All so exciting to me :)


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